Announcing Two Memorial Projects
by Valor Remembered Foundation

Major Stephen W. Pless, USMC
Medal of Honor Recipient

Master Sergeant  Roy P. Benavidez, USA
Medal of Honor Recipient

The Memorial Projects  
Valor Remembered Foundation is working towards the creation of nationally significant sculptural memorials honoring and preserving the memory of two American heroes from the War in Vietnam - Master Sergeant Roy P. Benavidez, US Army, Special Forces, and Major Stephen W. Pless, US Marine Corps.  Both of these men were awarded the Medal of Honor, America's highest award for valor in combat. 

Preserving the Legacy of Valor   Both of the memorial sculptures will be placed on highly visible sites where they will be seen and experienced by thousands of  Americans.  To assure that America remembers the story of these men, Valor Remembered will also create "virtual memorials" on the internet presenting detailed histories of the events.

Brothers In Arms   Other men shared in the actions for which Benavidez and Pless were awarded the Medal of Honor.  Some of them were awarded the Distinguished Service Cross or the Navy Cross, America's second highest award for valor in combat, many others received no recognition other than from their brothers in arms.  Valor Remembered is striving to assure that all are now recognized and remembered through these memorial projects.

The Website and Virtual Memorials    Links on this page lead to the main areas of the website:

Corporate Sections - Information about Valor Remembered's directors, officers, mission, history, and corporate documents are available for your inspection.

Memorial Project Sections - Learn about the Memorials real and virtual installations and events that Valor Remembered has created or supported for both of our honorees, Roy P. Benavidez and Stephen W. Pless.

Art Gallery - See studies for Valor Remembered's memorial projects and small sculptures that are offered for sale to benefit the memorial projects.

Support the Memorials  You may support Valor Remembered's efforts to create these memorials through financial contribution, volunteer service, contribution of historic information, documents and photos, or simply by inviting your family and friends to visit Valor Remembered at


Welcome to Valor Remembered - Please join us in preserving the legacy of American valor.



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